The Back to Front Way Most People Are Living

The right way to live:

Follow the crowd.
Keep quiet.
Fit in.
Keep the job you hate. 
Satisfy yourself with mediocrity.
Be fearful of life.
Focus on what might go wrong.
And when it does, complain.
Assume everything is someone else's fault.
Lower your standards.
Believe your thoughts.
Trust no one. Everyone's out for themselves.
Give only when certain you'll receive.
Give TO receive.
Hang on. Tight.
Let your head rule.
Worship a God.

The wrong way to live:

Trust in life.
Take risks.
Reach higher.
Refuse to compromise.
Stand out. Discover and own that which makes you unique.
Pursue that which fills you with joy.
Faith before proof.
Love unconditionally.
Let go.
Give for the joy of giving.
Focus on what might go right.
And when it does, celebrate.
And when it doesn't, trust life anyway. Later you'll find out that what went wrong, was actually going right.
Take responsibility.
Raise your standards - and then watch others raise theirs too.
Surrender your head to your heart.
Understand you ARE God.

Seems to me that most people have this life thing a bit back to front.

Love and courage,