The kind of love: a poem to affirm your part in this world

These words arrived in me after a meeting with a friend. These words are for you or anyone you know who might feel that they are not 'achieving' anything of great importance in this world. I hope they reach you.

Eyes full of sadness and longing
you looked at me and said,
"I do not feel I have achieved
anything in this life
of which I can be proud."

And yet
just minutes before
I had been witness to your attempts to rescue
a bumble bee
from a flight of stairs

we both concluded he was most surely passed away
But still
you placed him by some water
A little pool full of hope
that maybe he would surprise us still

What more
could you possibly want to achieve in life
than having a heart filled with the kind of love
that takes a bumble bee, dead, to water
and makes a wish that somehow
he will live?

God doesn't ask you to be anything
He simply asks you to be
And friend
you already do that so beautifully.

Love and courage,