Success is as Simple as Nailing These 3 Things

Keijiro has this skill for making everything really simple. We were talking about what it takes to create success and he came straight out with these 3 things:

  • Have a talent.
  • Acknowledge you have a talent.
  • Learn how to sell your talent.

And I have to admit, when I thought about what he said, I realised it's really not more complicated than that. Although achieving each of those 3 things isn't necessarily easy...

Have a talent

Sometimes you'll have an obvious talent, like being a skilled coder, hair dresser or photographer, for example.

But sometimes you'll have a talent that's much less obvious. Talents and strengths like empathy, being able to listen, being kind and compassionate and positive, picking things up quickly, an ability to paint inspiring pictures of the future for people. 

And whatever your talent, you'll almost definitely need to commit yourself to improving that talent over time.

Acknowledge you have a talent

This can be hard. For me this was hard.

It's tied up with self esteem for a lot of people.

So whether you have an obvious talent or a less obvious talent, you might need to work on your self esteem more than you need to work on your talent. I know extremely talented people who just aren't able to acknowledge their talent. 

Actually, I'd say this is the number one problem for most of the people I work with. Not seeing their own ability and power and what they have to offer. Sort that out and you'll be unstoppable.

Learn how to sell your talent

You'll need to learn how to sell your talent. That is, communicate the value of what you have to offer in such a way that people actually want to buy it. Then have a way for people to buy and a way to deliver once they've bought.

In part, this has to do with the practicalities of selling whatever it is you're selling. Online, that might include:

  • An appointment booking system (I've used Acuity in the past.)
  • A payment processor (I currently use Stripe for most of my online programmes. It's a popular processor and is integrated with my Squarespace website.)
  • An automated system to send emails to your clients or customers. (I use Aweber*)

Selling also has to do with learning the art of selling. That might include things like:

  • Learning how to use language in a way that works to sell whatever it is you're selling. This includes:
  • Understanding how to use authentic scarcity.
  • Understanding how to speak directly to the hearts of your clients and customers.
  • Understanding how your language draws people to you and how to draw the right people to you with your language.
  • Understanding that emotion is what drives people to buy. 
  • Understanding that enthusiasm has a half life and the need to act quickly.
  • Learning why some prices work better than others.

And finally, but MOST important, selling, like everything else, is largely about mindset. You'll need to:

  • Believe in what you're selling.
  • Have a positive money mindset and get over any money blocks including things like:
    • I'm not worth it.
    • Money is bad.
    • I can't charge that much.
    • What if they say no?
    • If I have more, someone else has less.
  • Getting over the idea that it's bad to ask for the sale. Good sales people are willing to talk about what they're selling and ask for the sale over and over and over again.
  • Getting over the whole notion that selling is icky or bad. It's only icky or bad if you don't believe in what you're selling and are purposely trying to manipulate people into buying something that doesn't work.

So yes, building your online business is as simple having a talent, acknowledging you have a talent and learning how to sell that talent, but there might be a whole lot of work for you to dig into in each of those areas.

So a question for you to think about:

In which of these 3 areas do you know you need to focus and improve?

Love and courage,


p.s. The * next to Aweber is just to let you know that's an affiliate link. So if you happen to click on it and sign up with Aweber, I might get a small commission. Although I'm not actually sure, because that's never happened :-)