Contribute Your Gifts to the World or Let Doubt Rule the Day?

Your mind will tell you what you're creating doesn't matter. That no one cares. That is has no value.

Your mind will tell you don't bother.

I mean, look at me. What do I really do for a living? Encourage people. Push them. Listen. Offer perspective. Remind them that they're not insane for wanting what they want. Help them get out of their own way. Help them believe they can have what they say they want, do what they say they want to do. Oh, and occasionally play some games.

Where's the value in that? Encouragement? Who ever got their wallet out for encouragement? 

So I could believe my mind. I could believe the thoughts that say I've got nothing to offer. No value. Encouragement is stupid. And then I'd give up. No point. Nothing to offer. Waste of time.

OR, I could choose to believe the part of me that knows there's value in what I offer. I could choose to believe the people who write to me and tell me their lives have changed (for the better) as a result of the time we spent together.

I could choose to believe that encouragement and pushing and listening and helping people get out of their own way, far from being stupid, is actually a powerful force enabling others to go out and make THEIR difference in the world. And judging by the people I'm working with right now, that could be really pretty powerful, given that ALL of them are, in their unique way, committed to creating positive impact and change in the world.

So really, are you going to listen to your mind when it's saying there's no value? 

Because here's what I can tell you:

No matter how much value there actually is in what you offer, unless and until YOU see that value, you can bank on no one else seeing it either.

In other words, if you can't connect to the value of what you do, you'll never be successful doing it. Not really. You might see some success. But it'll never be at the level you're capable of. 

So here's what to do:

Get clear on the real value of what you're offering. You might think you "just encourage" people for a living. But what does that really mean? What does it mean if, because of your encouragement, someone else goes out and starts a business healing others through their unique gifts? What does it mean if, because of the way you listen, someone feels heard and understood for the first time in their life and from that tiny seed starts going out into the world with more confidence and, in time, reaches further and further into their potential?

Whatever it is you do, there's value beyond what you see. There's value beyond the words you currently use to describe what you do. Give yourself the gift of sitting down with yourself today and ask, "what's the real value of what I do? What could change in the world because of what I do?"

And write it down. And look at it every day. And remind yourself that encouragement isn't just encouragement and yoga isn't just yoga and art isn't just art and listening isn't just listening. When your gifts reach the right people at the right time, they're nothing short of life changing. And it's lives changed one by one, day by day, that will in time change the entire world.

So don't tell me you don't see the value in what you do. It's there, but you're choosing not to look. Or if you are choosing to look, you're choosing not to believe. And when you choose not to believe, you do the whole world a disservice.

And that's just plain selfish.

So what's it going to be?

Contribute your gifts to the world or sit back and let doubt rule the day? 

Seems like an easy choice to me. But then, maybe I'm unreasonable. 

Over to you...

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