If the First Question You're Asking is How, You're Screwed. Ask This Instead.

Asking how isn't the right question. If your first question is how, you're screwed before you start. 

How is the question that'll kill your creativity. Kill your passion. Make you settle for something more realistic. More reasonable. 

"I want to be a writer" says the dreamer in you.
"Oh yeah? How are you going to do that? You didn't even taken English A Level at school" comes the reply.

"I want to build an online business and work from wherever I want" says the dreamer in you.
"Oh yeah? How are you going to do that? What would anyone ever pay you for? No one even knows who you are" comes the reply.

"I want to make money making videos whilst I travel around the world" says the dreamer in you.
"Oh yeah? How on earth do you think that's ever going to make you money?" comes the reply.

How is the question that closes the door. Slams it shut. How says it's impossible. You can't. Give up. 

So instead of starting with HOW, start with WHAT. 

Forget about the how.

What do you want? What do you want? What do you REALLY want? What are you dreaming about? What are the ideas that won't go away? What are the things that make your heart beat harder and your blood pulse through your veins? What are the crazy dreams that keep returning even though you thought you put them to rest?

What do you want? Just answer that. And answer it with no limitations. Ask it as if anything were possible. Just put the doubt and uncertainty and not knowing how aside for a while. You can do that, can't you? Just put it aside. 

Think details. Think specificity. Write it down. 

Let me say that again.


What do you want? Answer that question. Now. 

Then why.

Why do you want it? Why do you want it? Why do you want it?

Because if you don't know why, you're also screwed. The energy won't last. The motivation won't last. You won't keep doing the work when the work gets hard. And it will get hard.

So why do you want what you want? Really?

Then commit.

The level of your commitment will determine the level of your success. So get committed. Those things you said you wanted? Are you sure you really, really want them? If yes, decide now that you're committed to that outcome. You're committed to that result. Commit to it like it's already a part of your future. 

150%. All in. No question. 

Then do the work and let the how reveal itself.

When you get fully committed, the how begins to reveal itself. It reveals itself in the chance encounter with the person at the grocery store who happens to know something that can help you. It reveals itself in the advertisement you see in the shop window that you missed last time you walked past. It reveals itself in the email you happen to read the very same day that you got committed.

When you know what you want, and when you're committed to getting that result, the information you need in order to proceed towards that result will reveal itself.

Not because the universe is doing something weird to help you out. Although, if it serves you to think that way then by all means, go ahead. But there's also the simple fact that your brain can't process all the information that passes through your life every day. And because it can't notice and process all of it, it notices and processes what it needs. Or, in other words, it notices whatever you've committed to.

So again, it's this simple. Know what you want. Know why you want it. Commit to the result. Let the how reveal itself as you get to work.

What. Then why. Then how.

Love and courage,