"I'm sorry"

I was sitting by the sea one evening when,
gazing up at soft, dark clouds
I suddenly felt myself
amidst dense, lush forest
and it was as if
all of the Earth as she had once been
was right here in this one little corner.
She was alive
and she was aware
of all that was happening.

Knees gathered up the way one does
when one needs to hold oneself in comfort,
'I'm sorry' tumbled from my lips
on a whispered loop
as salty tears fell
into a salty sea.

The words were mine
but not only mine.
They were the devastating chorus
of billions of beings who,
in a beautiful and terrible moment
had gazed up at soft, dark clouds
and seen what they had never seen;
a living Mother who had given everything
in an endless outpouring of love.

What is one to do
but weep and beg forgiveness
when one realises how much has been given
in the exact same moment
that it has also become too late?

Love and courage,