Simply because

I feel that I should have some rousing words.
Something with a fiery spirit
to ‘get you going’ this morn.
A story to whip up some motivation
and gas for big dreaming
and grand achievements.

But I do not have anything rousing.
Only this gentle peace of life as it is;
ordinary and challenging and
exquisite all the same.
Forgive me?

I saw a goldfinch this week and it
thrilled me through and through.
And even though I am not revved up
on stories of achievement and success
the way I once was, somehow
it is still possible to be here and write.
Not to ‘change the world’, or even
to change you
but simply because
that is the movement of my heart.

How strange to think that life does not need a reason
or noble purpose
to keep moving
the way it does.

Love and courage,