Set Yourself Free

You're not good enough.

You never will be good enough.

You're not meant for anything more, anything different.

You can't change anything.

You're also ugly.

And a bit on the fat side.

Or the skinny side.

You're not loveable. 

You screw everything up.

You can't make money doing what you love, on your own terms.

You certainly can't be free.

Everyone else is better than you.

You don't deserve to be happy.

You're a terrible friend. 

Also a terrible wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, mother or husband, brother, boyfriend, son, father.

No one would really notice, actually, if you weren't even here anymore.

Do you know what these are?


Except here's the problem:

As long as you keep believing them. As long as you keep buying into them. As long as you insist on repeating them to yourself over and over and over again. As long as you do all of that, these things will feel and BE as true as the very fact that you were born and one day you will die.

These stories will dictate your behaviour.

And your behaviour dictates your results. And therefore your entire life and destiny.

But these stories do NOT have to be who you are. They do NOT have to be the truth you live into and the reality you create for yourself.

You can set yourself free.

You MUST set yourself free.

Don't you see?

We're waiting for you. I'm waiting for you. Waiting for you to see, to realise, to KNOW the truth of who and what you are. Which is:


Full of light.




Imagine your life as a really, really long match. Right now, you're a piece of wood with some phosphorus and potassium chlorate at the end. You're full of potential. Full of light and heat to share. 

But you're just sitting there thinking you're probably the faulty match in the box. The one that, no matter how many times you strike it, it just won't light. The dud. The crappy one. The one that no one wants or needs. Good for nothing.


There ARE no faulty matches in the box of life. NONE.

You're not a dud. You're not the crappy one. And you're most definitely not the one no one wants or needs.

You're full of unique potential waiting to be sparked. And when you finally stop telling yourself these lies and stories and untruths, you'll  burn bright and hot, lighting up all that's around you.

Free yourself of the stories. Free yourself of the self-imposed limitations. Free yourself of ALL of that and do what you're here to do...

Share your light with the rest of the world. Don't keep us waiting.

Love and courage,