Separate Yourself Out in the Sea of Sameness

When you started out on your business journey, you were totally different from everyone out there. 

You weren't yet part of the Facebook Groups. You hadn't come across all the thousands of other websites of people doing something seemingly similar to you.

You were fresh. Clean. Innocent. Naive. And full of a powerful creativity. You were like a newborn. Filled up with wonder and curiosity. You were unlike anyone else. You followed only your path. Your curiosity. Your heart. You did what felt good, not what seemed "right".  

And then little by little, as you moved further into this world of entrepreneurship, you started to connect with the others out there. It was good at first. It gave you strength. 

But little by little you started to morph with them. You started to listen a little too closely to their messages. Messages about how you needed to brand yourself this way, or design your website this way, or offer this sort of product, or price your services this way, or make your website images uniform, or, or, or...

And those things felt good for a while too. It felt as though you were 'doing it', you know? Building a real business. Learning the stuff you needed to know.

Turning pro.

But now here you find yourself, feeling a little lost, a little stuck and a little dead inside. Sometimes you feel almost disgusted with yourself when you look at what you've become. You see yourself churning out the same messages. Doing the things everyone else is doing. Every day you look and listen to all the others out there. And every day you become a little less you and a little more them.

And you know it's not right. You know it's not YOU. This isn't what you were meant to create. You're here to add something different, not contribute to this god damn noise.
But how to get back? How to break out of this new prison you find yourself in and return to that newborn state of unique creativity?

Distance yourself. Spend more time alone. Go inwards. Find the courage, again, to follow your curiosity. The way you used to when you started out. The courage to follow this crazy idea. Or that crazy idea. The ideas that don't make any sense. The ideas that don't fit into any of the molds or boxes that everyone else is operating in. The ones that feel right. 

Speak what's inside. The honest truth. Every day. Don't change what's inside to fit in. Don't change what's inside to make it sound better. Don't change what's inside because you think that's what people want to hear or what people need or what's in line with your industry standard.

Speak your honest truth. That will always separate you out in this sea of sameness. Because most people aren't able to do that. Not really. They think they are. They think they're speaking the truth. But they're not. They're speaking someone else's truth but just haven't woken up to it yet. Few people have the courage to let it all out. Few people dare to say what everyone else is thinking.

This is my honest truth today. 

FORGET what everyone else is doing. Forget what they say works. Stop looking at their websites. Stop filling your beautiful mind with their messages. 

Go back into yourself. What's YOUR message? What's the way YOU do things? What are the special things YOU bring to the world? 

And follow that. The curiosity. The wonder. The naivety of the newborn. 

You are unique. You are special. But only if you have the strength to go left when everyone else goes right. Only if you speak from a deep place of truth within when everyone else is churning out manufactured messages of this and that and the other.

YOU were not meant for that. YOU are here to change something. So please, keep doing you and don't give another second of your creative energy to what everyone else is doing. Play your own game. It's the only one you can ever win. 

Love and courage,