Say Yes to the Stuff That Makes your Palms Sweat

Life's all about the sweaty moments. The moments when you're dancing on the edge of yes or no. Should I shouldn't I. Can I can't I. And then that moment you finally push yourself over that edge into the experience. And the result will be whatever the result will be. Maybe it'll be what you hoped and expected. Maybe it won't.

But whatever the result, you can always guarantee this:

You'll never regret saying yes to the sweaty moment.

Because it's in the sweaty moments that you grow. It's in the sweaty moments you expand. It's in the sweaty moments you understand you're capable of more. It's in the sweaty moments that you see just how much might be possible. It's in the sweaty moments that you connect with that fiery life force - the blood rushing through your veins and that unbelievable feeling of just being alive and doing it.

It's the sweaty moments that make it all worthwhile. 

And every time you say no to the sweaty moment? Every time you retreat? Every time you don't reach out to that person? Every time you don't publish that post? Every time you don't launch that programme? Every time you don't share that piece of art? Every time you don't say I love you when you're not sure they love you back? Every time you don't go after the thing you really want to go after?

Every time you do that you're denying who you are, what you're capable of and what you can bring to the world.

So seek out the sweaty moments wherever you can. And when you find them, for goodness sake, say yes to the sweat.

Love and courage,