Punch, Punch, Duck, Punch, Kick: A Quick Tip For Beating Procrastination

Our kickboxing instructor was showing us a punch, punch, duck, punch, kick move. He showed us the move and then we got to work with our partners.

But after a couple of rounds, he stopped us to show us again.

"After that final punch, you don't hang around with the kick. You go straight in with it. As you're finishing that final punch you're already coming in with the kick, ok? The shorter the gap between the two the better. Otherwise you're leaving yourself open."

And even as the words came out of his mouth, today's letter was forming in my mind.

Procrastination. The shorter the gap the better. Yes.

Monday's letter to you is always a bit tougher than the ones I write on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Why? Because of the gap. 

The gap makes it harder to start again.

The gap causes me to lose momentum.

The gap makes me second guess and drop into analysis paralysis.

The gap makes me lazy.

The gap is procrastination's best friend.

And that's why writing five blog posts a week is actually easier than writing one blog post a week. And why writing seven would probably be easier than five. 

And it's why leaving one day between kickboxing classes is ok, but leaving two makes it harder to go back.

Procrastination can only exist in the gaps where you're not fully committed to some other action.

So the more you fully commit yourself to regular, repeated action and the more accountable you make yourself to those actions, the less space procrastination has to do its thing.

The bigger the gap, the more open you leave yourself to procrastination.

So if you want to spend less time wasting time, shorten the gap.

Question for you to think about today: Where could you benefit from shortening the gap?

Love and courage,


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