A peaceful thought for a difficult day

For that moment when
It feels as though it’s all gone wrong
Your dreams feel more distant than they ever have before
You just don’t know how you'll figure it out
The smallest task feels like a mountain to move
The fight in you is almost gone and the hope is almost dead.

In that moment, know this:

Life is not the joy of achievement or the sorrow of failure
Nor is it the excitement of love found or the pain of love lost
Life is not the smile of the sunshine or the downturned lips of an overcast day
And it’s not the laughter of now or the tears of tomorrow.

Life is the room; the space
That holds it all

Life is the joy and the sorrow
The good and the bad
The excitement and the fear
The sunshine and the rain
The black and the white
And all the (fifty) shades of grey in between

Life doesn’t discriminate
Or say that one is more welcome than the other
It just opens its doors and says, “come”
And whatever is there, that is life
And it’s all a miracle.

Love and courage,