Weird: Ever Find Yourself Embarrassed for Wanting to Make More of Your Life?

I noticed something really weird recently.

I noticed that, around certain people, I felt a strange sort of embarrassment and need to hide the fact that I'm doing everything within my power to be MORE in my life.

Embarrassed about the fact that I'm working to get myself into peak physical fitness because I understand that it's SO linked to what I achieve in all other areas of my life.

Embarrassed about the fact that I'm prepared to invest thousands of pounds working with the best coaches I can find because I know what happens when you surround yourself with powerful people.

Embarrassed that the only people I get excited about coaching are the people who, like me, are committed to being the BEST at what they do. Leaders. Visionaries. Activists. People who are in the game to change the world at the highest level.

All round embarrassed that I was NOT OK with settling for the life that most people are ok with living. 

I found myself playing everything down, avoiding questions, saying things that really weren't the TRUTH because I was too afraid to sit there and tell them the level at which I'm ACTUALLY playing.



Why would a person who's trying to create a better life and impact the planet in positive ways be embarrassed to say so?

Here's why:

Because it's not NORMAL.

At least, not normal amongst these people I found myself doing this with. And I didn't want to stand out. Didn't want to seem full of myself. Didn't want to seem arrogant. Didn't want them to think I was deluded and who is she to think that she can play at that level. Didn't want to make THEM feel uncomfortable. Wanted them to think I was just like them. Wanted them to LIKE me.

And I could feel - as I was sitting there hiding and shrinking and LYING about who I am and what I intend to do in this life - how my energy was draining out of me and inside I was screaming NOOOO, this isn't what I want at all.

I'm here to beg you today, please, DO NOT be embarrassed for the level at which you want to live your life. It's time to stand up and own that shit.

You don't need to apologise for wanting something different.

You don't need to apologise for wanting more.

You don't need to apologise for wanting to be world class.

You don't need to apologise for having dreams so big most people think you're crazy.

You don't need to apologise for the TRUTH of who you are.

Hiding helps no one. Serves no one. You stand up and you own that shit, ok? 

So next time someone asks me why I'm running around the garden doing squats or sit ups or why I'm investing time, money and energy in 1:1 training with world class trainers I'll tell them: It's because I understand my body and my health are everything. It's because I want to look and feel great. It's because I know I can't get to the top in business if I'm not also working to get to the top in every other area of my life.

Next time someone asks how much I pay for coaching I'll tell them: I invest thousands every year with the best people I can find because I understand what happens when you surround yourself with powerful people. 

Next time someone asks me who I coach I'll tell them: I ONLY work with people with dreams bigger than they are and who understand what it actually means to commit and invest. I work with leaders, visionaries, activists and those committed to being at the TOP OF THEIR game.

I will not be embarrassed about the life I want to lead, the things I want to create or the impact I want to have. 

Playing at this level might not be normal or average, but normal or average isn't something I've ever wanted to be.



It's not shameful to hold yourself to a higher standard. It's not shameful for wanting to do great things with the years you have on this planet. It's not shameful to push yourself further. 

It's part of who you are. It's in you. That need and desire lives IN you. 

Your job?


Love and courage,