It's Not About the Numbers. Fall in Love with One Person First

I was once promoting one of my play workshops and by the time the event came around, only one person had booked. I wanted so badly to cancel. I wanted to spend the day wallowing in my misery of being a failure. A workshop with just one sign up. Fail. Worthless piece of human s***. Your workshop's rubbish. Therefore, you're rubbish. You might as well give up now.

Also, group games with two people don't work. 

But I didn't cancel. I want to say that's because I tapped into my higher self, but mostly it's because my coach at the time helped me see I was behaving like a defeated victim and there was no way I was going to prove him right.  

So I emailed him instead, told him what was up, and offered him a 1:1 walking and coaching session around the park. He said yes and we spent a couple of wonderful hours together.

He was an actor, as it turned out, and so we had some common ground. We talked about life and what he was up to and the dreams he had for his future. We even did some acting exercises in the park. 

Later, he came to one of my other play workshops. One where there were actual people. I'm almost certain he'd never have rebooked for another workshop if I'd have chosen to cancel on him that day.

The point is this...

Everyone's caught up in the numbers. More follows. More likes. More tweets. If I have more, I will be more successful. 

Not necessarily.

And if I don't have more, that means I'm not worth as much.


I built my coaching business with a really pretty small number of subscribers to my website. But I made sure to send personal emails to each and every one of those people for as long as I could, building the sort of relationships that people with much bigger audiences could never compete with.

Behind every single 'follower' is a human being with hopes and dreams and fears. So next time you find yourself hating the two people on your email list because they're not one hundred or one thousand people, focus on pouring your love and energy and attention on those people instead. Those two will soon turn to four and eight and so on.

Two things to remember:

  • A small number of engaged 'fans' is worth so much more than thousands of followers or subscribers who'll never buy what you're selling.
  • If you do need a certain number of people for what you're doing and you can't get those numbers, there's always an alternative you can offer, if you're willing to get creative. We can all get more creative. 

Love and courage,