Relax, It's Normal

Some days I wake up tired, you know. Like I just can't quite get going.

And others I'm brimming with energy, impatient to get up and get started.

Sometimes I feel grumpy and would like the whole world to leave me alone.

And other times I want to embrace every little thing.

Sometimes I get scared of sitting down to write.

And other times there are so many words I can barely keep them from tumbling out.

And sometimes I think it's because there are so many words that I get scared to write.

Sometimes a wave of sadness will overtake me and I'll find myself sitting with tears trickling down my cheeks.

And other times the laughter rolls on and on and...on.

And you know what? Sometimes the tears morph into laughter or the laughter crumbles into tears. 

Many days I feel this intense love towards all things and all people.

And yet some days I'll feel angry about this or that and it's like all the love just evaporated.

There are days when I'm so enthusiastic it could make you sick. 

And others days when everything feels really, really meh.

But you know what I've learned that changed everything? That all this? All these different things we can feel in five minutes or a day or a month?


And for me at least, when I remember how normal it is, I can kind of just relax and get on with it anyway.

Oftentimes (all the time?) it's not so much the way we feel that's the problem, as the meaning we make out of what we feel. We can save ourselves a whole lot of suffering by ditching the meaning-making and endless analysis and just letting it be what it is. 

And the funny thing is, the more we just let it be - whatever 'it' happens to be in this moment - the quicker it'll transform into whatever's coming next. It's designed to flow. We just have to let it. 

Love and courage,