How to Turn Your Life into a Masterpiece: An Interview with Noam Kostucki

What might it be like if you viewed your whole life as a piece of art?

What if everything you ever did could be experienced as an act of artistic creation?

If you recognised yourself as an artist, and your life as an ever unfolding and expanding canvas, what masterpiece would you choose to create next?

Noam Kostucki, friend, fellow coach, and all round beautiful human being, is a man who believes that everything in life can be elevated into an art form. 

Amongst his many masterpieces, Noam is an author (Seek to Keep, You are Your Brand) and TEDX speaker (Making Money from Doing Good and When Selfishness is the Best Reason to Cooperate).

But beyond his impressive achievements in the world, Noam, for me, is a winning combination of brutal honesty, humour, constant curiosity and natural sensitivity. He is a man walking his talk and living his truth and for that, he has my deepest respect. 

In this interview, Noam takes you into his world and invites you to think about:

What it means to create a masterpiece in your life.

How we are all Robots, Slaves, or Gods and what it means to be each of those.

Why consciously creating your life and the masterpieces in it starts with the smallest of things (like brushing your teeth.)

Why it sometimes seems so hard to earn money doing good and doing work you love. Noam will also introduce you to a money exercise to learn more about your own personal relationship with money and how to begin changing it so it works for, not against you.

Why, in order to succeed doing what you love, you must be willing to not only study and master your art, but to become a student of business, marketing and sales.

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