My 17 Mantras for a Powerful Day

Responsibility. It's yours.

Complaining is never productive. Shut it down and walk away.

Spend time on the important stuff. Ditch the rest.

Know that the important stuff might mean embracing a little guilt. Remember, time out for you is an act of service to the entire freakin' planet. 

If you want to be powerful tomorrow, look after yourself today.

Remember that thoughts are real, their content is not. It's all just passing through. Don't block the flow.

Serve someone. Create something. Two ways to always be moving forward.

Success is always inside out. Act accordingly.

When trying to figure out your next move, trust your heart more than your head. 

Stand in love and understanding. Come from that place. For yourself and others. Recognise that love and understanding might not always look "nice".

One. Thing. At. A. Time.

Know your goals but hold them lightly. Be ready to let them go. Intention without attachment.

Patience. It's all coming.

Get dressed. Properly. 

Do the hard thing first. Everything else will be a breeze and you'll feel 10 pounds lighter.

Yoga is a miracle. Get on the mat. And remember you don't need a mat. The ground and your body will do the trick. If yoga's not your thing just...move.

Watch a bird. Look at a rock, a tree, a patch of dirt. It's all a quick channel to Truth. The short cut to the best kind of reality check. Nothing to worry about. Life is happening just fine. With or without your consent.

Love and courage,