Making Life Happen Vs. Waiting for Life to Happen

A client wrote to me over the weekend and told me she'd gone ahead and made a commitment to something she wanted to do even though she didn't quite yet know how everything else would work out around it.

She finished her note with "stop waiting for life to happen and make it happen instead."

THAT'S what I'm talking about.

That's a person who's made a powerful commitment.

That's a person who's said a big HELL YES to what she wants without knowing how the details (money, time out from her business) will actually work out around it but that in saying hell yes she's essentially insisting that everything else gets figured out because she's made a commitment to doing what she wants.

She decided what was a priority. And she actually prioritised it. 

And now that her commitment's made - both internally and externally - everything else will have to be worked out. And because it has to be, it will be. Because it's really pretty amazing what you can figure out when you put yourself in a position of having to figure it out.

And this is so important.

As long as you keep not doing the things you want to do because you can't see how they'll work or you can't see how you'll find the money or how it'll make you money or you can't see how you'll find the time or you can't see whatever it is you can't see, then you can honestly pretty much guarantee that you'll never do the things you want to do or create the life you want to create.

Because life pretty much never works that way. It doesn't line everything up neatly for you so you can know in advance exactly how everything is going to work out.

Life, or at least the life you really want to live, will always require you to take a risk in advance.

It'll require you to trust that things will come together and get figured out when they need to get figured out. There's a reason that the people living the most extraordinary lives - the sort of lives we all wish we had - are the people who are always taking a risk and choosing to do what they want to do before they know how it'll all work out.

As long as you're stuck in trying to know that it's all going to work out in advance and how it's going to work out then you'll always be limiting your experience in life.

If you want to create a life you actually love. A life that feels totally and utterly amazing to you and that you can't quite believe that you get to live, then you're going to have to let go of the certainty and the comfort and the knowing in advance.

You're going to have to stop waiting for the things you want to happen.

Because they won't. 

And start making them happen instead.

By deciding what you want.

And then committing to those things.



In advance of knowing how it's all going to happen.

And figuring the rest out along the way.

Which you will. Because you're far more resourceful than you give yourself credit for.

Trust. That's what this is about.

Love and courage,