Another lost piece of your soul, longing to be loved

So many times
I have thought I wanted
an answer to life’s problems.
A way out of the struggle 
the mess
the heartbreak 
the pain.
But every time
what I really wanted but never knew
was a space
where the strained seams of my life could come undone
and the stuffing 
old and worn
could tumble out
and somehow
that stuffing
a mangled, yellowing mess
of life’s mistakes and things gone wrong
could be looked upon with loving eyes
and held with such tender acceptance 
that I would know
that there was no problem here
only another lost piece of my soul
to be loved.
Let the seams come undone.
Let the stuffing tumble out.
Soften yourself completely 
and pour Love over that mangled, yellowing mess.
Little by little
those undone seams will rework themselves
and all that you’ve been
will still be held inside
but bound together now
not by disgust
but by

Love and Courage,