What if You Dropped the Fear and Guilt and Started Living Your Unique Life?

You know you’re not living your truth. You know you’re shying away, shrinking back, telling yourself it’s not possible, that you shouldn’t want everything you want and that you should settle for something more…normal.

The problem is no matter how much you tell yourself those things - no matter how much you try to convince yourself you should be and COULD be happy with the lives other people seem to be happy with, you just know you won’t. Because you look at those lives and something inside you just screams - that’s not MY life.

You hold a vision for something different. I don’t mean a vision for something BETTER. It’s not about better or bigger or more special. It’s about DIFFERENT.

And the truth is, you’ve always wanted something different to what the people around you wanted. You’ve always wanted to go left when everyone else was going right. You’ve never been content with just…THIS.

And now?

Now is the time to stop telling yourself that wanting what you want is WRONG. Now is time to stop telling yourself that you need to change and be happy with what other people are happy with. Now is the time to ACCEPT and OWN your desires and longings, no matter how crazy or big or out of touch with reality they seem.

Because until you do that, you’re never going to find peace and happiness within yourself. You’ll always be going against who you are. And going against who you are is painful and hard and just honestly not something that’s ever going to make you happy, right?

I’m at my sister’s right now. She has baby twins. TWINS. And yet there’s no confusing them. They’re as different as night and day. They’re different people. You can see it in everything they do. Every gurgle, every movement, every smile. Different. And they’ll grow up different. They’ll grow up wanting different things, valuing different things, dreaming of different things. And neither one will be better or worse or more or less valid or more or less exciting. They’ll just be different. 

And their job, my job, your job, is to stay in touch with YOUR OWN HEART and to follow it and go create and live the life it wants you to lead. Not the life other people are leading. Not the life that feels safe or normal or conventional or the one that everyone says is the life you should live. NO. YOUR life. Your life which is unique to you. Your path which is unique to you. Because you’re here to live your one special life. To touch the world in your special way. To share the gifts that only you have to share.

And to do that you have to accept your difference. You have to stop feeling guilty about the things you want. You have to stop trying to CONFORM and put yourself into more and more boxes telling yourself that you REALLY. SHOULD. FIT. IN. THERE. Except you don’t. You don’t fit in that box. Or that one. Or THAT one. The only place you fit is in your truth. Which is unique to you. Embrace that. Own that. Be grateful for that. 

Accept your difference. Say yes to all the things your heart is asking for. Drop the guilt. Seriously, just drop the guilt. 

One day, and you never know when that’s going to be, this life of yours is going to be over. And you’ll either have spent it pursuing your unique, beautiful, special path or you’ll have spent it trying to walk the path someone else said you should walk because you were too afraid and felt too guilty to walk your own.

It’s time to end that now, okay? It’s time to get off your backside, step out of fear, drop the guilt and go out there and live YOUR truth.

Love and courage,