Life's generous hand


there is this air to breathe.
the leaves turn and the season shifts.
our eyes close and the body's energy restores.
this heart beats.
blood flows.
and organs function.


the birds make their nests.
chicks appear.
the seed, loved and watered grows food to feed hungry mouths.
planet Earth exists!


the broken bone heals.
day turns to night
and night to day.
the stars shine.
the sun shines.
rain falls.
wind blows.


the bees make honey.
the man and woman merge and new life begins.
Grace, everywhere.

And yet, somehow, this is not proof enough for us. We who seem to believe life is against us and that we must fight to make it through.

What difference it would be to know that this is not so. That life is for us in every way. Not even for us, but is us and we it.

What difference it would be to wake with the feeling of life's generous hand beneath our cheek, lifting us gently, gently.

What difference it would be to know our pain as a gift wrapped in unlikely paper, every experience lovingly tailor made for the evolution of our own soul.

What difference it would be to trust so wholeheartedly that we would fall deeply in love with all that is, however it is, for as long as it is so.

I knew this trust only when I came to know my true Self, the one that is here beyond body and mind and all things external. The one that is the empty stillness existing before all things of form. The one without story, identity or belief. The one that knows no labels. The one that is always here observing quietly, quietly, the dance of life. 

I tell you it is safe, with hand on my heart, it is safe to trust this life. Wake with the feeling of its generous hand beneath your cheek. Grace, everywhere.

Love and courage,