Life will burn everything, and it will do it all for love

Sweet love,
If your life begins to crumble
If dreams slip like sand through your desperate fingers
If you find yourself disinterested in all things that once captivated you
If you are pounded down into a depression
And it seems you may never reach the place you were going
Take some comfort today.

Life is a relentless lover
Daring to rip you apart piece by piece
And decimate everything you thought was yours.
It will do whatever it takes
Whatever it takes
For you to awaken
For you to come alive to a deeper, lasting peace.
Everything it does, it does for you
To bring you what you want but don't know how to reach.

Through love alone it lights a match to your life
And you will have to stand by and watch
As it goes up in flames
Helpless to stop the raging fires.
Trust this helplessness
It is a kind hand inviting you to stop
And rest
And surrender
And let what needs to burn, burn.

You may be scared and confused, disoriented and desperate
But you are safe
Sweet love you are safe
Life burns only all that is not true
And as the hot flames begin to wane
You will emerge fresh and new
And you will know
It was all for love.

Love and courage,