Life loves you: sinking into trust

The mind just doesn't know its way to the answers you're looking for. The intellect doesn't know. But the mind is what you know to use, so you go there. You have a problem in your life, a dilemma, something you really need to figure out. So you go to thought. Go to the mind. Go to intellect.

And you find it's just not giving you what you need. No answers. Just more frustration and more circular thinking. The quality of it all spirals down. And the more you look to the mind for answers, the further you travel from those answers. And the further you get, the more desperately you go to mind. Vicious circle, see.

There's something beyond thought. Something before thought. Just pure consciousness flowing. It's the place that a-ha moments come from. It's universal wisdom, deep knowing - whatever you want to call it.

But it's not from the mind. So you need to stop going there expecting it to deliver. It might deliver something. But it won't deliver the good stuff. Not the gold, so to speak.

The thing is, it takes a lot of this thing called Trust to stop going to mind and rest in the not knowing to leave space for the deeper knowing to come through. It means you have to take your foot off the pedal and give up control and let life do what it does and let the answers come. That's an uncomfortable thing, giving up control. Everyone wants to believe they're in control. 

But can you just rest a while? Just rest and have patience and sink into the trust. Really, sink into it. Life is like the ground beneath your feet. It's there. It's got you. But you have to trust it. You have to let it hold you. You have to give in to its embrace.

And when nothing comes? Well then you trust some more. Trust, trust and...more trust. That's all there is. More sinking into life. More letting go. More trust.

I remember a talk with Robert Holden at St James's Church Piccadilly, London. I liked listening to Robert. He's got a light heartedness about him and he was a great deal funnier than I expected. He was promoting his new book (at the time), "Life Loves You" and he said:

"Life loves you, but are you willing to let it?"

You might want to read over that one a few times. It's more profound than it first appears.

That's the thing. So much complaining about life. So much worrying. Things aren't going well. Not going how you want them to go. So many problems. So few solutions. But have a look, would you, and see what it would mean for you to accept the idea that life loves you. That life is there for you. That's it got you. And that the problem here might not be life, which works perfectly well, actually, but in the lack of trust you might be showing it.

Trust is a tricky one, I know. But it's one worth its weight in gold.

Let. Life. Love. You.

Love and courage (and trust),