Learning to be yourself, fully and unapologetically

I met an estate agent who told me, ‘We need more people like you in the world.’

I understood what he was getting at within the context of our conversation. He was referring to the work I do in supporting people through various life things. But afterwards all I could think was, ‘No, we don’t.’

We don’t need more people like me in the world. We don’t even need one more person like me in the world. What we need is every single person in the world knowing the Love that they are and being their own unique expression of that Love. We don’t need people trying to be more like other people. We need people being more of themselves.

On the very first live call for The Unfolding Soul: Tribe we talked about how the people we remember and look to in history are people who were fully and unapologetically themselves in life. We talked about how these people are rarely accepted in their time but how ultimately they’re the ones we admire and respect for their courage to be authentically themselves, no matter what other people thought of them at the time.

Why is it so important?

It’s important because if we’re looking at and comparing ourselves to others and trying to be more like them, we’re essentially saying to ourselves, who I am is not enough. And anything we create from that place in life will never have the depth of beauty or quality of impact that it would or could if we lived from a place of knowing that who we are is equal in value to every other human being.

It’s important because when we look at others and try to be more like them, we’re not following our true path through life. And if we’re not following our true path through life, we’re not bringing that which we’re truly here to bring, which is the fullness of who we are. It is only through being ourselves that we can feel both fulfilled in life and fulfil our life’s purpose.

Every single one of us is completely unique. Never before and never again will the same combination of gifts and talents and way of being show up in human form. And at the same time, we’re all One! To serve the world, to serve one another, which is really to serve ourselves, the very best thing we can do is turn away from what everyone else is doing and put our focus on what is calling to us.

Life is here to guide you and show you your next steps every minute of the day. We have to make space away from the distractions and noise and listen to the messages that are for us to hear. In this space, we discover the steps of our own path and we have to trust that our path is exactly what it needs to be for us.

Sometimes you might feel that you wish your path was more like someone else’s because you think they have a life that you would want. But truly, this is such a mistake. As soon as you start trying to be more like this or that person, you turn away from the magic and beauty that is waiting on your own path.

We are all here to be used for the greatest good of all. To fulfil that purpose, we have to trust completely that what we have in front of us at this moment is here to support us on our path and that our path is as valuable and important as anybody else’s.

Be yourself and follow your heart.

Love and courage,