This is How I Deal with the Daily Fear and Doubt

Some mornings, you wake up and there's just a lot of fear and doubt. 

There's fear about putting yourself out there. Fear about sharing your message. Fear about being more vulnerable than you're used to. Fear of exposing yourself to the world in a way you haven't done before. Fear of how people might react when you begin to share who you reallyare and what you really care about.

And there's doubt about what you have to offer. Doubt that you have anything valuable to say. Doubt that you're really in any way qualified to be doing what you're doing or saying what you're saying. 

And those mornings, when you wake up and there's just a lot of fear and doubt, there are two things that need to happen.

1. You need to be very committed to not letting the doubt and fear take over. That commitment needs to be very strong and deep inside you. 

2. You need to understand that your unwavering commitment to not let the doubt and fear win doesn't mean you approach it with unkindness, tell it to get out of the way, push it aside or plough on through at all costs. Although, I certainly do think that'll work, for a time.

But if you actually want to get to a place where those same doubts and fears aren't controlling your every move day in and day out, pushing on through isn't going to cut it. That's avoidance.

So first make a very hard and strong commitment to not letting the doubt and fear win when it shows up. Be 100% committed to that. Make it a hard line. Non negotiable. Your doubt and fear won't control what you do and what you don't do.

And now with that hard and strong commitment in place, go in to your fear and doubt with a lot of love and compassion and softness and intention to learn.

Ask yourself, what's this about? What am I afraid of here? What's going on? What's behind the doubt? 

And listen for the answer(s). Be willing to find out. 

The finding out may be difficult. You might find you have to wade through some mud before you come out of the other side. But until you wade through that mud, those same doubts and fears are going to keep coming back.

My entire point is this:

You can push through doubt and fear like a solider in battle. And it'll work, for a while. But unless and until you take the time to go into the doubt and fear and understand what it's about, you'll never truly release it from your life.

And releasing it from your life is what you want. Because each time you work through the fear and doubt and release it - instead of just pushing it aside - those wings of yours will get a little stronger and you'll soar just a little higher in the sky.

Be hard and strong in your commitment to not letting the doubt and fear win. But be soft and gentle in your approach. Make sense?

Love and courage,