It's As Complicated As Showing Up

I was chatting with a friend over email yesterday, organising a FaceTime catch up. I told him:

"You're an anomaly."

He came back with:

"You know, I haven't really thought about it, but you're right—we're both anomalies for sticking with this tough and often times exhausting journey."

I don't even remember where or how we met now. He's in the US, so it was definitely online but beyond that, I really don't recall. But what I do know is that I've seen him struggle. I've seen him doubt. I've seen him question. I've seen him wonder whether it's going to work - whether building his business and sharing his message and creating the life he wants is ever going to get him anywhere at all.

And I've seen him come out fighting. Over and over and over again. I've seen him grow into doing things he was terrified to do. I've seen him launch his first book. I've seen him get on local TV. I've seen him step into making videos.

And I've seen the same for myself, too. Struggle of all kinds, so much doubt, so much wondering whether I'm completely deluded to think I can do something that's still so far out of the norm.

And then just showing up anyway.

I show up when I'm unsure.

I show up when I don't always feel like it.

I show up when I don't know if I'll create the outcome I most want.

I show up when it's tough to show up.

I show up when I feel lost.

I show up when I tell myself I don't have time to show up.

Because what I know is that there will never be a point in time when everything feels perfect. There will never be a time when I feel as though I know everything I need to know and have all the resources I need to create what I want to create. 

Creating the life you want doing work you love isn't about gaining more information. There isn't a formula you're missing or a secret you're not in on. 

Actually, maybe there is:


It really is that complicated. Show up when you don't have a clue what you're doing and do the work. Show up when you don't have time. Show up when you think you suck. Show up when you're deep in doubt.

Every single person I know who's started from nothing and who's now beginning to truly see success, is someone who just kept showing up, no matter what. They might have had their moment or two of whinging or feeling sorry for themselves or just needing a break, but eventually they always get back up and carry on. 

You have to be the anomaly.

And that means doing what others won't, for longer than they will. It means refusing to get sucked into feeling sorry for yourself and being a victim of your circumstances. It means recognising that you always have choices, even when it feels like you definitely don't.

Creating the life you want really isn't complicated. But it does takes guts, resilience and a willingness to just...

Keep. Showing. Up.

Love and courage,