Is this Love?

For the very first time
I do not want to change you
only to meet you here
as you are.

For the very first time
I am not wondering
what you can give me
but am filled with a desire
to give to you.

I am not asking
how you can make me happy
but how I can be a space in which
you might discover
the happiness that you are.

With great difficulty
you shared one of your biggest 'mistakes'
sure that in your speaking
I would turn away.
But I do not care for any yesterday
only the shining light
of this one moment
and what we can discover here together,

You wondered whether
I was used to more
than what you could give
but that is because
you could not see
that I had received from you
the greatest gift of all.

For the very first time
an experience of the most profound love and caring
came over me
and it was dependent
on you being nothing more
than exactly as you are in each moment
and in this experience
of your inherent enoughness
my heart burst
with the enoughness
that I must be too.

Love and courage,