Repeat After Me: In 2017, I Will...

Repeat after me. In 2017, I will...

Stop holding back and letting life pass me by.

Say no to everything and everyone that instinctively feels like a no. And, I will not worry myself with what people may or may not think about me for saying that no.

Say yes to everything and everyone that instinctively feels like a yes, even when it feels way out of my comfort zone.

Only do that which feels FUN.

When I feel I need to do something I might not ordinarily call fun, I will make it fun by shifting my mindset. 

Stop living inside my head in the past and the future and will instead take action now to create the life and impact I say I want to create.

Do that which I say I'm going to do. And when I realise I've committed to something I shouldn't have committed to, I will clean it up as quickly as possible and release both myself and others from my innocent errors.

Not compare my work to anyone else's work. My work is my work. Their work is their work. There is no comparison.

Stop waiting. For the right moment. For the right person. For the right resource. For the right alignment of the stars. (FYI - I made a major life decision - buying another house - during a period of Mercury Retrograde this year. I'm still standing. Weeeird.)

Stop talking as if and thinking as if I have some sort of problem that means I can't do the things I want to do and instead acknowledge that all the crazy stuff that's going on inside my head is really just pretty normal human being stuff.

Allow, feel and respect my emotions whilst simultaneously remaining conscious enough to know that the feeling came from a thought and the content of my thoughts isn't real. Fact.  

Stop apologising for being who I am and wanting what I want.

Stop making up ridiculous and unhelpful rules for myself about how I'm supposed to live my life and finally realise that there are no rules about how I'm supposed to live my life and I can do whatever the hell it is I want to do.

Start before I'm ready such damn thing.

Remind myself that I am going to die, that I don't know when that will happen (unless I believe what the death clock tells me - don't Google that) and that I'd therefore be better off living right now rather than waiting for one day when...

Keep following my heart (even when it makes no logical sense and appears completely irrational). And do it all with a lot of...

...Love and courage,


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