If Not You, Then Who?

Today I'm done.

Done dancing around the truth. Done pretending I don't see what I see. Done with entertaining that thought that says my words won't land or reach where I want them to reach.

There's something you have to know.

There's something you have to see.

You. Are. Infinite.

You are not your body. You are not your mind. When someone says something hurtful and you react to defend and protect yourself - the self you're protecting does. not. exist.

You are beyond all of that. Before all of that. You are that which observes the body. That which observes the mind. That which witnesses the arising of anger or sadness or frustration.

Who you are is pure consciousness. You are the energy out of which all things come. Formless to form.

Why does it matter? 

Because when you see that who you are is not your body and not your thoughts, then all your ideas of not being worthy, not being capable, not being good enough...they fall away.

No longer will you question if you can make a difference. No longer will you worry that someone else is doing it better than you. No longer will you concern yourself with not succeeding. No longer will you compare yourself to any other person out there. No longer will you doubt. No longer will you hold back. No longer will you keep yourself small.

Instead you will be filled with an overwhelming knowing that you are a never ending well of creativity and potential capable of achieving whatever it is that speaks to you. 

It is time - oh my goodness it's time - to release your doubts. Like clouds passing through the sky, let the thoughts that say "I'm not capable" move on through. Whoosh. Let new thinking come in. Those thoughts are not who you are. They are thoughts. Transient and illusory thoughts. 

Because if not you, then who?

Life speaks to you in a way that it does not speak to anyone else. Life expresses itself through you in a way that it has never and will never express itself through any other body.

So when it speaks, listen. Because what it has to say is for you and you alone. 

There is no end to your power.
No end to your creativity.
No end to your potential.

You. Are. Limitless.

And if not you, then who?

Love and courage,


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