How to Make the Competition Utterly Irrelevant

As I sit here on my makeshift bed in my new place, there's really only one thing I want to write to you today. 

And that's to let you know that I understand how sometimes you look at all the people out there in your industry and feel inadequate in comparison.

I understand why, sometimes, you feel like there's no way you'll make it because those other people are prettier, funnier, more articulate, more talented, more experienced, and way better at making friends and connections.

I've been right there in that place of feeling less than, spending my precious energy feeling rubbish about all the things I didn't have. 

What I've come to understand over these years of being in business is that there's so much I can't compete on. 

For example:

I can't compete on a fancy wardrobe. (I wear the same thing almost every day (except underwear, underwear is new every day)).

I can't compete on beautiful style. (See above).

I can't compete on the bling or the heels or the painted nails. (I have wide feet with narrow ankles that make heels soooo difficult and having my fingernails painted feels great for all of...oh, about 10 seconds.)

I can't compete on my sense of humour. (I'm just not that funny.)

I can't compete on number of followers. (I'll always take one real connection over ten superficial ones.) 

But the problem isn't that I can't compete on any of those things. It's the way that thinking that I need to keeps me from recognising and focusing on the things I can compete on. As soon as I shift my attention from all those things I can't compete on to all the things that I can and do compete on, everything becomes simpler, lighter and way more fun.

For example:

I can compete on loving my people with complete authenticity.

I can compete on writing more openly, more vulnerably and more intimately. 

I can compete on my genuine love for my people and ability to energise, inspire, encourage and motivate to action.

I can compete on the kindness and sensitivity in my heart.

I can compete on that little cheeky elfin spirit that sometimes likes to make an appearance.

I can compete on the way I notice the little things.

I can compete on how much I care about our planet and the environment we live in.

Here's the thing you need to remember when it comes to the competition:

There's no one, and I really do mean no one, on this planet who is just like you. There's no one else who has the combination of experiences and desires and fears and stories and style and sense of humour (or lack of) and weird, crazy bits that you have.

And whilst the things that make you who you are may not seem all that special in your eyes, they're you're secret weapon to making the competition in your industry utterly irrelevant.

Because what I know for sure is that your dream clients aren't primarily coming to you for what you sell, they're primarily coming to you for who you are. They're coming to you for the things you stand for, for the way you speak, for the way you dress, for the words you write and the way you write them and for the way you live your life.

They're coming to you because you wear the same thing almost every day. They're coming to you because of your extreme sensitivity. They're coming to you because you hate having your nails painted.

So your job? 

Is to bring more of you into your business. Share the stories that show your people who you are. Let them see what you stand for, what you value and what you don't. 

Because those stories right there are the secret ingredient that go into creating a community of people who can't wait to hear from you and who'll support you every step of the way. 

And let's face it, when you're competing on who you are, that really isn't any competition at all. Because no one does you, like you. 

Love and courage,