How to escape the cage of limiting beliefs

My eyes grew wet with happy tears when I read her reply.

I'd sent her an email just the day before. I'd asked if she'd be willing to offer me unquestioned support over the next few months and beyond as I venture into a new process of my own growth journey. A process which could, at times, get messy (in the best possible way, of course).

I'd been told I should seek out a person who'd be there for me, without question, and she was the first who came to mind. She's one of the few who's up to date on my current trajectory and who doesn't think I'm losing my marbles.

In her reply she told me she'd already committed in her heart to being there for me no matter what and that she was more than happy to be this person for me.

I've only known her three years. Our friendship just kind of...happened. There's so much of her life I still know nothing about and so much of mine she doesn't know about either. We didn't play together when we were little, go to school together or spend hours talking about the boys we fancied. We don't have in-jokes that we share from years ago and she's never been round to mine for dinner. 

There are words, phrases, beliefs in life that get thrown around as if they're truth. We live within the borders of those words, never realising we're existing within an unseen cage. 

Sometimes though, life gifts you with an experience that wakes you up from the lie, frees you from the cage and opens you up to new realities and possibilities.

When my friend sent me her reply, I realised that she'd totally broken through the lie I've held onto that true, lasting friendships and deep bonds with other women can't be made 'later' in life.

It was the same that time I learned Reiki on a retired horse farm in the South of France. She was in her 70s and he in his 40s. They were in love - clear and pure. I haven't been able to hold onto any story about what relationships should look like or at what time in your life you might find love since then. That experience woke me up and liberated me from a different type of cage.

These phrases, these sayings, these myths, are so common in our world that it's hard to even notice them for the lies they really are. Slipped into conversation as if one were casually commenting that the grass is green or the sky is blue (also very much up for debate) - they're nothing more than unquestioned and unconscious beliefs.

Life is hard.

It's weird / wrong to date people half your age or twice your age.

It's difficult to make real, lasting friendships when you're older.

When women get to a certain age, men just aren't interested anymore.

Money is bad.

Money is good.

There are some people in this world who are just bad.

These are just a few that come to mind this morning - I'm sure you've got plenty of examples of your own? 

But you don't have to wait for life to wake you up. You don't have to wait for the experience to come along to show you you've been existing within a limiting lie. You can wake yourself up right now, just by raising your awareness and questioning everything that comes.

Don't believe what's handed to you. Have a look and find out for yourself.

Love and courage,