How High Are You Willing to Fly Your Freak Flag?

As a client, one of the things I've most valued in the coaches I've worked with has been the way they reflect back to me my own power until such a time that I'm ready to take it with both hands and own it for myself.

It's not always easy to do that. It's not always easy to see your own power. And even if you do see it, it's not always easy to then own it. To see, accept and own it is to come out of hiding, to have to do something with it. Scary stuff.

It's not like some people are powerful and others aren't. We ALL are. You came into the world that way. Full of pulsating life force and an expression of life that's utterly unique to you. 

Then stuff happens. Things go wrong. You make mistakes. You get hurt. You experience pain and suffering. You get shoved into boxes and systems that don't work for you. You screw a few things up. You fail. You attempt to please people instead of pleasing yourself. Life (or rather the people and institutions in it) tries to iron you out. Tries to turn you into the same thing as everyone else. Tries to get you to conform. Fit in.

And little by little the unique expression of life that you came here with gets shoved down, buried and bashed over the head until it feels like it's disappeared completely.

Somewhere along the line, the questions start...

This isn't who I am, is it?

I remember something from long ago that felt so much more wild and free. What was that? And can I trust it?

Why does life always feel incomplete?

Yesterday I was in conversation with a powerful woman. Somewhere in her speaking she came out with the best phrase I've heard in ages. It went something like this:

"I'm flying my freak flag higher than before, but it can still go higher."

I haven't been able to get 'the freak flag' out of my head. It's all about YOUR personal power. It's about that unique expression of life that came into existence when you came into the world. It's all the stuff that makes you YOU and not someone else. It's your gifts and your quirks and your sense of humour and the stuff that excites you.

And the higher you're willing to fly your own freak flag, the more you'll tap into your power and the more your life will take on a feeling of true alignment. 

But putting your freak flag all the way up isn't easy.

It's walking a path that NO ONE else has walked before.

It's being laughed at and thought crazy.

It's doing what feels right to you, even if it makes no sense to anyone else.

It's taking risks, diving in and being ok with the uncertainty.

It's trusting yourself more than anyone else in your life.

And it's trusting life itself more than you trust yourself.

It's standing up and speaking out when that's what your path requires.

It's letting go of all control and getting into the flow of life. 

It's a return to the pure essence of you. The you that got buried and forgotten with years of conditioning, people pleasing, fear and being inside the 'system'.

You ARE powerful, make no mistake. It's just - are you willing to fly that freak flag and find out just how powerful you really are? 

Love and courage,