Glimpses of Your Brilliance - Don't Let Them Go

As you move down the path of entrepreneurship, it’s easy to become jaded. It’s easy to lose sight of all the high hopes, big dreams and unbridled energy you held in the depths of your being.

There’s a force weighing you down, dragging you increasingly into the murky depths of the day to day business of just getting it all done. And yes, I know, there’s a lot to do.

There are times when your shine and sparkle begin to dim, you get tired, you can see it in your own eyes. Less fire. Less conviction. Less trust that you wanted this at all.

And then there are those glimpses.

The glimpses when you see the clarity of who you are and all you’re capable of. And for a few short seconds you know it’s true. You know you can do it all. Whatever you choose to make 'it all' mean.

This feels silly to tell you, but I’ll tell you anyway. I have these glimpses sometimes when I put on a song in my bedroom and get my groove on in front of my mirror. I did it yesterday listening to Shine Bright Like A Diamond. There’s a cheeky glint in my eye, an energy that comes out and this complete knowing that I’m a powerful, unique human being. 

But glimpses are glimpses and soon they’re gone. And, in an environment where your dreams and your unique possibility in this world aren’t supported in the right way, it’s easy to slip into nothingness. Perhaps it was a mistake. Perhaps what you felt wasn’t real. How can you truly trust yourself? After all, you have no real reason to believe you can achieve anything much at all. Why trust a feeling? You’re just a girl with silly ideas dancing pathetically in front of the mirror in your childhood room. 

Except you’re not just a girl with silly ideas. You’re a diamond, shining bright.

Trust that moment.

That glimpse.

Hold it close.

Breathe your life force into it.

Fan the flames.

Whisper gentle words of encouragement.

Stroke and protect it from harm.

Find your precious supporters. Allow them to hold that moment for you when you’re weary. Let your soul sisters and brothers take the burden for a while.

Dance more in front of your mirror. 

All day and all night if you must and turn that glimpse to another and another and another.

You were NOT meant for more money, more fame, more glory.

You were meant for more of YOU.

You were meant to keep on expanding, into all the corners of yourself not yet realised or opened up. You were meant to experience the full force of your being. And that, right there, that realisation of YOU,  that’s the more that you were, you ARE meant for. 

You’re here to change the world.

You’ve heard that before, right? But what does it really mean to you when you here it? It’s said so often but I bet it just moves through your headspace with little to no thought or impact. Or if it does register you have this idea that you’re here to do something, to find a thing to do to change the world.

But look again.

You’re here to change the world.

YOU are here to change the world

You are HERE to change the world.

YOU ARE HERE to change the world.


It’s not about a thing you’ll do.

It’s about a thing you’ll BE.

Which is only more and more of yourself expanded and expanded with all the chains and limitations removed.

The YOU that is so powerful that she can achieve anything she chooses. The YOU that has the energy to move through any problem, set back or obstacle.

YOU ARE HERE to change the world.


So turn the music up. Dance with me. Let the knowing of your brilliance seep into your soul.

Shine bright like a diamond.

Love and courage,