Get Out of Your Head and into Action. NOW.

Over the last few hours, this is what it's looked like inside my head:

Maybe my website needs a redesign.

What's my message, really?

Should I shut down my Instagram and Twitter accounts since I don't really use them and much prefer Facebook anyway?

Should I create a new website for the membership tribe I'm getting ready to launch or should I do it from my current website? 

How can I can tie my business up in a nice neat bow and make it feel less chaotic and more consistent?

Should I do a livestream now?

Or a YouTube video?

Or should I work on my book?

Which of the trillion projects going round my head should I start next?

I think my about page needs a re-write.

And my home page.

Oh, and every other page of my website.


Cue overwhelm, frustration and hours of wasted time.

And then at some point in all of those thoughts I managed to get a grip of myself just long enough to sit myself down and start writing this to you.

And as soon as I sat down and started writing and focused on the task at hand, all of the overwhelm and frustration and questions swimming round my head disappeared.

I got into flow. I got connected to you, out there, across the internet from me with your real life and your real dreams and your real fears and remembered that the only thing I need to do is concentrate on that and hello, is a website redesign really going to make a difference to what you think of me? Do you even ever visit my actual website?

So look....

I know your mind is chaotic sometimes. Maybe a lot of the time.

I know you ruminate over a thousand questions a day about your business and who you are and what you're doing and whether it's right or wrong and what you're here for and the meaning of life.

I know there are days when you spend so much time worrying and in fear that you never actually get around to doing any of the actual work.

And on those days there's only one thing that can save you. And it's the hardest thing to do when you have this much going on inside your head. But it's the thing you must, must, MUST do.


DO something.

Write a blog post.

Call a client.

Email a potential client.

Make a video. 

Write a chapter of your book.

Plan your workshop.

Write a social media post.

Focus that chaotic crazy mind of yours into something that matters.

Create something.

Serve someone.

Because in the action of creating and serving you realise this:

Every single thing you were spending your time worrying about and questioning DOESN'T matter.

It's not about your website.

It's not about your about page.

It's not about which social media channels to use.

It's not about your brand or your photos.

And it's not about your fear or worry or doubt.

It's about what you create, today. It's about who you serve, today. And all the time you spend up in your head in worry and fear and doubt and frustration and overwhelm is keeping you from actually being of use to someone, today. 

And I might be wrong, but isn't that one of the really massive reasons you're doing what you're doing? Why you started this thing in the first place ? Because you wanted to make a difference? Because you wanted to help people? Serve people? Because you cared about something?

It's so easy to get lost in all the stuff we're told matters. That in order to make it work you need all these bells and whistles and fancy bits.

It's rubbish, most of the time. 

If you actually got out there and created stuff and served people deeply day after day after day, your business would grow. Your reputation would be built. You'd be someone who was actually making a difference. 

So honestly, I get it. My brain goes off down all those paths pretty much every day. And I have to actively remind myself that that is NOT what matters. That what matters is that I sit down and do something useful.



On repeat.

Everything else is a distraction.

Do not allow yourself to be distracted.

Love and courage,