Awakening and the Fear of Becoming No One and Achieving Nothing

As we awaken to our wholeness and the deeper truth of who we are, we can find that desires, motivations and drives that have kept us moving in certain directions start to fall away.

This experience can be deeply uncomfortable or even scary for the separate self who is in a constant state of needing to complete itself through external means - in this case by becoming someone in the world or achieving something important, significant or special.

The fear of becoming no one and achieving nothing is a fear I have known deeply, and perhaps still do at more subtle levels. Conversations with clients and friends who've articulated such similar feelings show me that this is not an experience unique to me or any other individual but rather an experience common to many who are awakening to the true Self. 

If you're experiencing this fear or unease at the moment and find that everything that has driven you up until now is falling away, I truly hope this video will serve you.

Love and courage,