Falling for the silence

So much talking
So little said.
Are you brave?
Would you trust me?
I know a place we can go, you and I.

A place that's everywhere
but always forgotten.
A place that gives everything
but few know to ask.
Not a secret place
but unknown to most.

It's like a room, except
no doors
no walls
no ceiling
no floor.
So like a really, really strange room.

The fear, I know, can feel so real
Like a falling

Into emptiness
Will you cease to exist?

But it's funny, this place
It's true that there is a profound emptiness here
yet somehow, when you touch it
you will know a fullness beyond comprehension
And there is a kind of death
but only of all that was never true.

And you will fall in love
the same way I did
the same way we all will, in the end
with this place.

Are you brave?
Would you trust me?
Will you let me show you this silence I have come to know?
For I long to share my love of this place
where there is so little talking
and everything said.

You cannot begin to imagine the beauty you will find.

Love and courage,