Faith Says You Can do This

I'm sitting in the coffee shop round the corner from Keijiro's apartment.

I have my regular seat now. It's tucked away at the back, right by the bathroom and with a plug socket beneath the table. It's got everything I need.

There are two men in suits at the table next to me. They've been reading the Holy Bible together. Now they have their eyes closed. One of them is muttering something quietly as the other listens. A prayer, I presume.


An active practice. A commitment. A way of life. Something that's worked at.

Faith is what you'll need for your journey. For this journey. For the path that takes you from living a life constructed for you to living a life created by you.

A conscious life. An awake life. 

A life where you asked your own questions and lived by your own answers.

You'll need faith that those callings and nudges and whispers you sense inside are real and not some form of insanity.

You'll need faith that you can and will handle whatever comes your way.

You'll need faith that you'll always figure it out.

You'll need faith that you are, indeed, meant for something more.

You'll need faith that the money will come. And that if it doesn't you'll still be ok. You will.

You'll need faith that it's all leading somewhere. 

You'll need faith that the mistakes and failures and really seriously big screw ups are all part of the journey.

Faith, though, is an active practice. A commitment. A way of life. Something you work at. Something you choose.

So choose it today.

And tomorrow.

And for the rest of forever.

Practice choosing it every moment. 

Choose faith over doubt.

Choose faith over fear.

Choose faith over worry.

Faith says you can do this. 

You CAN do this.

Love and courage,