If there is anger, let the anger come (and all other emotions too)

If there is anger inside you, let the anger come.

Fighting it is pointless. It's already here. Already the truth of this moment. 

Your anger needs space. It needs time and attention. That's why it's come to the surface now. 

So let it come. Let it expand. Let it have its time.

And then, sooner or later, it doesn't matter when, your anger will collapse. It will recede. It will die down. 

And in its place you will see what is beneath the anger.

Beneath the anger you will see there is fear.

Fear is always behind and beneath your anger.


It is behind every "negative" emotion you've ever felt and will ever feel.

But that's ok. 

So now let the fear come. 

Acknowledge it. Greet it. Face it. Let the realisation that you are afraid melt into you.

You'll want to push that feeling away.


Be with the feeling. Be with the fear. Be ok with being a person who is afraid in this moment.

And sooner or later, it doesn't matter when, the fear will begin to ebb away. 

And in its place something new will bubble to the surface. A trembling lip, perhaps. A shaking hand. Or a tear forming in the corner of your eye.

This is ok, too. The release is coming.

As the fear is acknowledged and accepted, the tears will come.

They may be gently trickling.

Or they might come in violent waves.

Your body may collapse inwards. You may clutch yourself for comfort and protection. Or even curl up in a tight little ball. 

Let the tears come. Let them move through you. Let this emotion, raw and painful as it is, do what it is here to do. To have space and attention for a while. 

And sooner or later, it doesn't matter when, you will find that the tears come to an end. No forcing. No fighting. Just a natural end.

And in their place you will feel something new yet again.

A quiet silence.

A gentle peace.

A softness.

A knowing that everything is ok.

And now...it's simply time to rest.

Love and courage,