[VIDEO] Big Change, Effortlessly (and How I Became Vegan Overnight)

The assumption is that making big change is hard. Quit the cigarettes, lose the weight, stop the addiction to the mobile phone, become a more confident person. There are habits to be built and habits take...time.

Will power will be necessary and gradual steps are probably best. Cut down the cigarettes from twenty to fifteen. Then fifteen to ten. Wear the patch. Use your mobile phone for an hour less each day this week. Keep going from there. Push yourself to do one thing that scares you.

Time. Will power. Effort. Commitment. 

But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if making big change could actually be instant, require no will power or commitment and be utterly effortless?

The assumption that change is hard and takes time and effort is so deeply ingrained that it's not easy to believe it can be any other way. Our assumptions and beliefs are one of the most dangerous things we possess because they put a barrier between us and an easier, more peaceful, happier life. They shut us down to fresh thinking.

But big change can and does happen in an instant. From one moment to the next everything can change. The world can look like a new place. You can experience yourself as an entirely different person. 

And it all starts with insight. 

Love and courage,