Struggling with Self-Doubt? Here's How to Stop it in its Tracks

The excitement of a new idea floods in. Something you want to do, try or create.  A flash of inspiration. Certainty at its brilliance. The story of its perfect unfolding plays out in your mind's eye.

And then this:

It'll never work.

You're not good enough.

Now's not the right time.

You're not knowledgeable enough yet. 

You've got nothing to offer.

You're crazy.

People'll laugh.

Who are you to do that?

The voice of doubt manifests itself in a thousand different ways each and every day. It has one purpose and one purpose alone:

To stop you connecting with the light. To keep you in the darkness.

Your only job?

To resist. Resist the voice of doubt. Because here's an uncomfortable but ultimately liberating truth:

Self-doubt is ego in disguise. Ego inside out. Ego upside down, back to front and on its head. But still ego. And when you let it win and keep you in fear and worry and darkness, you're not the only one who loses.

The people you're here to share your gifts with lose. The people you're here to touch and inspire lose. The impact you might've made goes unrealised. 

To the voice of self-doubt, say this:


Simple. Steady. Firm. 


The voice of doubt doesn't control you. It can't. Not if you decide.

That thing you want to do or try or create?

Choose to do it.

Not because its success is certain.

Choose it because it's uncertain.

Choose it because there's no knowing if you'll succeed.

Choose it to find out where it leads.

Choose it to test yourself. To push yourself. To be in that glorious space outside of everything that's known and comfortable and safe - where the miracles happen. 

When the next flash of inspiration comes and the voice of doubt seeps in, remember that "no" is one of the most powerful words in the English language.


And then begin. And let the light flood in.

Resist the voice of doubt. Connect to the light. That's the job you're here to do.

Love & courage,