Don't Ever Tell Me It's "Only" Anything

"It's only an ebook at the moment", she said.

I saw it. And I heard it. On her face. In her voice. In her nervous smile. 

It's the look that says it needs to be more than what it is. The tone that says it's not quite enough.

But it's not only an ebook, is it? It's never only an ebook. Just like it's never only your first client, your first programme, the first piece of art you sold or the first poem you ever went public with. It's never only anything.

Hidden in that only, there's this:

The risk you took to create. The risk of failure, the risk of rejection, the risk of being laughed out of the ring. You took it all in, that risk, and you went ahead and created anyway.

The days of doubt you came up against. Doubt in your ability. Doubt in whether it would lead anywhere. Doubt whether someone like you could achieve something like this. You doubted...and you created anyway.

The hours you put in. You had to edit, refine, learn new skills. Sometimes the learning curve was huge. More than once it brought you to tears. You were tired and at times you were so close to quitting. But you didn't. You got up again in the morning and you kept creating.

The fear you overcame. It was lurking behind every corner. The quiet whisper from the voice inside that said "you're not good enough."

The money. You invested, too. Time, energy, effort and yes, the cash. You bought materials, paid for websites, hired people to help you do the bits you couldn't. You had no idea whether it was worth it did it anyway.

Don't ever tell me it's only anything.

What you call only, I call a masterpiece. 

You started. You overcame. You saw it through. Do you have any idea what that takes?

Only might be the beginning, but it's a beginning most people will never see. Because when you picked up your pen to write or your brush to paint; when you clicked publish or launch; when you opened your mouth to speak or sing - the rest of the world were deciding they were too scared to start.

Don't ever tell me it's only anything.

Love and courage,


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