Do You Ever Tell Yourself You Might as Well Give Up?

The victim says:

I can't.

I can't be bothered.

Why does nothing work out for me?

Why is nothing going my way?

I'm not good enough.

It's too hard.

I don't have the energy.

I don't have the time.

I might as well give up.

There's no point. 

There's something wrong with me.

I'm not special enough.

I must have picked the wrong path otherwise it would have worked by now.

Everyone else has it easier.

My circumstances are different.

No one will ever love me.

I'll never be happy.

I can't figure this out.

I'm a failure.

The owner says:

That's my victim voice speaking.

I am NOT a victim.

I am the owner of my life.

The creator of my destiny.

A powerful force of love and light.

And I will not indulge my victim voice for a second longer.

I will take back full responsibility.

For the good.

The bad.

And the ugly.

And I will do whatever I need to do today to move forward and get myself out of this stinking hole of negative thoughts that do nothing but keep me down, down, down.

Because I was not born to be kept down.

I was born to move UP.

I was born to create. To express. To serve. To inspire. To be all that I can be.

Say it with me on repeat:

I am the owner of my life and the creator or my destiny. 

Got it? 

Love and courage,