Dissolving Anxiety (and Conversations with Teddy Bears)

There was anxiety when I woke up this morning. In my chest. In my short, shallow breaths.

And then...gratitude. For:

Morning sunbeams.

A few quiet moments of meditation.

The tears that came and went whilst journaling, releasing wounds of the past and allowing new energy to enter in.

The recognition, acceptance and permission that today was a day for gentle writing.

A text from Keijiro.

Porridge oats, nuts, seeds, berries and ice cold milk.

The peaceful emptiness of my bedroom now almost everything's packed away for my departure.

Conversation and cuddles with Oliver, my teddy bear. Love. Stuffed animal therapy. It works.

A clear calendar. Space. 

The colour white. Curtains. Walls. Bed covers. It's a colour that makes me feel that I could be drifting on a cloud somewhere.

And now, deeper breaths. A more relaxed chest.

Anxiety dissolved in a glass of gratitude.

It always works for me. It probably will for you too.

Love and courage,