Like it or not, you’ve been chosen by God

There's so much I want to tell you about how I came to be listening to this song on repeat these past few weeks. It's a story about the sort of synchronicity that leaves you in wide-mouthed wonder at the way life works. But I think that's a story for another time. Today is really about one particular line of this song. A line that, if we all really took inside and nurtured and felt, would do a lot of good, I think. 

He sings, "Like it or not, you've been chosen by God." And maybe now would be a good time to listen to the song before reading the rest of what I'm about to write because it's not only the words, but the sound of the words. There's something about this song that stirs up deep Truth inside me.


I feel like I'm talking about God a lot lately. I mean, it's not a feeling, I am talking about God a lot lately. In fact, I feel like all I want to do is talk about God. But it feels important to be clear that I'm not a religious person. I don't follow a religion. I've never followed a religion. And I think that feels important just so you know I'm not trying to convince you to believe in anything outside of yourself. 

I've come to know the word God as synonymous with Love. And I've come to know Love as all there is. And that means that you are Love. And that means that you are God. And like I've written about before, you could also use any other word that feels true to you because the words really aren't what's important. They're always just an attempt to describe what can't be described and to point to who and what we really are. 

So back to this line, "Like it or not, you've been chosen by God."

That line is written and sung and meant for everyone. There isn't anyone who's outside those words. No person it doesn't apply to. If God is Love and Love is all there is, it's not possible that you're not included in that. It's all encompassing in a way the mind can't fathom. 

And it's whether you like it or not. So no matter what you think of yourself or what you believe right now or how off track your life might feel, you're still included and always will be. No exceptions. You can't screw it up.

And I think to myself, what might be different if we were each to really know, or to at least know more often, that we were chosen by God? 

What might we attempt that we might not have attempted before? 

What might we see as possible that we didn't see as possible before?

How might we treat ourselves and others differently?

Where might we step up where before we'd stepped down?

Maybe just some reflection on this:

If I absolutely knew that I was chosen by God, I...[fill in your own truth].

And then just know that you absolutely are, whether you like it or not.

Love and courage,