How to never choose the wrong path

Are you ever afraid you might choose the wrong path? The wrong way? The wrong direction? The wrong thing? What if you start something and it doesn't work out? What if you start something and realise it's not the thing you wanted to start? What if you have to start all over again?

Many times I've been afraid. Afraid of choosing wrong. But the journey, and looking back at the journey, reveals the truth on choosing the wrong path:

There isn't one.

All paths, no matter which you choose, include all the same things. Essentially - life. 

Whichever direction you choose, life will be there to greet you. Opportunities for happiness, sadness, joy, anger. Birth, death, grief, love, loss and everything in between.

It'll all be there, no matter which path you choose. 

Choosing a path isn't like choosing the right life or the wrong life. The good life or the bad life. The happy life or the unhappy life. The path where it all works out or it all goes wrong. No. Choosing a path is just choosing a path. And then all of life will happen and you'll have the opportunity to experience it. And yourself in relation to it. 

And all of it can be wonderful and ok if you don't make any of it right or wrong but simply the beautiful truth of what is.

Love and courage,