Quick Fixes, Inner Strength and Keeping Your Heart Tender: Notes on Building a Beautiful Business

A client described to me yesterday what she was seeing outside of her window. 

Two crows building a nest together. Working together, stick by stick. Little piece of material by little piece of material. 

By the end of our call, they'd done so much work and she told me it was looking very nest like.

It got me thinking about how building a strong, successful business is much like the crows building their nest.

It happens stick by stick. Layer by layer. Minute after minute and hour after hour of putting in the work. Quick fixes are tempting, but they don't make for a strong nest. Quick fixes have a tendency to unravel and fall apart. It's the layering up over time and connecting of all the different parts that builds something strong.

It can't be done alone. We all need good people around us to help us succeed. 

It requires a commitment to the outcome and an understanding of why you're bothering putting in the work in the first place.

It requires resourcefulness, especially in the beginning, using whatever resources are available and making them work for you. 

I read that crows go to great lengths to build nests that are sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside. I think that's how you need to be as an entrepreneur too. You'll need to be strong on the outside. You'll need to have the strength to face challenge after challenge. You'll need to be able to let criticism come and go. You'll have to keep rising up after the inevitable failures.

But you'll also need to remain soft and open on the inside. You'll need to keep your heart tender and keep opening up to more vulnerability. Because without that, you'll lose your humanity. Your business will lose its heart and sense of meaning.

There are many more things I might tell you about crows. I read that they're amongst some of the smartest creatures in the world and as with most things in nature, there's much for us to learn from them.

But for today I'll just leave you with this thought:

Build your business as crows build their nests: Care. Attention. Commitment. Teamwork. Resourcefulness. Love.

You won't go far wrong with that.

Love and courage,