Have You Been Holding Back On Bringing Your Creative Ideas to Life?

I went to the local DIY shop to buy a plunger for my slow draining sink. When I got home, filled the sink with water and plunged away, bringing up some ugly (but satisfying) goo, a thought popped into my head space:

"I have been exactly like a blocked sink lately."

In recent weeks, fresh ideas had been flooding in at a rate even faster than usual. Wanting to experiment with more video and within that, different types and style of video. I'd been writing one-liner messages to myself using chalk pens on one of my mirrors and wanted to experiment with a way of sharing those consistently with others. I'd been wanting to start interviewing and having conversations with people whose work I admire and sharing that in the world too. These are just a few of the ideas that had been coming to me in recent weeks. 

At the same time, I noticed an immense feeling of pressure building inside me. A tangible frustration. The sort of thing where it feels like you're soon about to pop.

And whilst plunging the sink I realised, I hadn't been allowing myself to press play on any of my ideas. Instead, I'd been sitting with them in my head and not giving myself permission to experiment and play with them out in the real world.

Throughout the years of building my business I've always been known as the one who gets into action, fearlessly experimenting with what comes to mind. The one who takes an inspired idea and brings it into form in the quickest possible way, just to get the flow started. It's no surprise when I remember that two of my top strengths from Marcus Buckingham's Now, Discover Your Strengths are Futuristic - a dreamer who's always thinking "wouldn't it be great if..." and Activator - always asking the question "when can we start?"

And yet like all creatives and all entrepreneurs there are times when I'm not allowing myself to experiment with the ideas that are coming in.

When I explored why that was, I found that I was waiting to get everything neatly organised inside before I put anything out in the real world. I noticed I was holding a story about how everything had to be perfectly figured out and laid out before I got started.

There were also stories about my ideas being silly, that the output wouldn't be polished enough because the forms I wanted to experiment with were new to me, and also the usual fear of what other people might think.

But what I know is that progress isn't made inside your head. It's made by taking imperfect action and gifting yourself the permission to experiment, play and explore in the real world. It happens by taking the next step and testing and tweaking as you go. It happens by knowing that it's ok if it's a little messy at first or even for a long while. 

So my challenge to you today is to check in and ask yourself:

Where am I not pressing play and how can I take imperfect action today to create forward movement in the direction of my dreams?

There is always a new edge to move towards, a more powerful place to step into, or more visibility to get comfortable with. And the mind can play all sorts of tricks to prevent us from making progress.

So whatever it is for you - whether it's an idea you've been sitting on for too long, a form of expression you've been wanting to try but have been holding back out of fear, or just a desire to let loose and create whatever is in your head, then today is the day to get your plunger out, dig up the goo that's in the way, and open the channel for flow.

The only thing between you and whatever you want to create in the world is a series of imperfect steps. And you can start taking those steps today. Experiment. Play. Explore. Test and tweak. It's all progress. 

Love and courage,


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