Expanded Consciousness and Becoming the Person You Were Born to Be

Expanded consciousness. I know you've felt it, but just in case it's not clear, let me describe what it feels like to me.

Doubt slips away. Clarity takes its place. A deep knowing of who I really am, what I'm here to do and exactly what I'm capable of sinks in. The vision I have for my life grows a hundred fold. A healthy feeling of power pulses through me. The sort of power that's here to serve in all the right ways. All the judgement I've had about myself in the past dissolves. I feel in competition with precisely no one. The sense of unconditional love is overwhelming. It's big and bright and full of possibility. The sort of possibility that's exciting rather than overwhelming, and nourishing rather than exhausting. And I feel...alive.

And most importantly, I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this - this - is the truth.

It used to be just tiny glimpses and I didn't have words for what it was. I'd find myself expanding into it one minute and contracting into 'reality' the next. Within no time at all, I couldn't remember how I'd felt so sure, where that sense of power had come from and why on earth I felt capable of doing something more with my life. Who did I think I was? 

I continue to move between expansion and contraction. It's normal. But the expansion continues to deepen, lengthen and become more sure. It's a daily practice and one I'm devoted to.

Global consciousness is shifting, but the world is still dominated by a consciousness rooted in fear.

When our consciousness contracts, we go into fear. And because this is what dominates and has dominated for such a long time, we also think that this is reality. 

So when you go from a moment or period of expanded consciousness in which you see the extent of your power and what you're here to do, to a contracted consciousness, the default might be to assume that what you felt in expansion was 'la la land' and what you're feeling in contraction is 'reality'.

And that's when we tell ourselves to forget our fanciful dreams and 'get back to the real world', which usually means settling for something less than our hearts know is possible. 

In fact, it's the opposite that's true. And when we're in those expanded states of consciousness, we know it. 

From our expanded consciousness we're powerful change agents, peaceful warriors, messengers of love, and visionaries who have the courage and grounding to challenge the status quo, stand for something different and alter the conversation. We know that who we are today has nothing to do with who we can become.

And that's where the world needs you. Living more and more in your expanded consciousness where you take on the needs of the world in the ways that you're truly capable of. Being the person you were always born to be and making the difference you're here to make, in the way you're here to make it.

The work then, is to start with a simple shift of where your loyalty lies. Which 'reality' will you place your faith in? The reality that still dominates our world - fear? Or the reality you keep catching glimpses of, in which you're capable of so much more - love?

You can't be loyal to fear and love at the same time, so you've got to choose.

The question is, which way will you go?

The Truth is what you feel in expansion so please, let's choose that and then just...get moving.

Love and courage,