Be a Human, Not a Little Sheepy


I woke up this morning with heavy limbs and heavy eyelids. The only thing I wanted to do was duck back beneath the covers, drift back to sleep and forget about it all.

I didn't want to get up and write. I didn't want to get up and engage. I didn't want to get up and do what's necessary today. 

I wanted to loaf. And laze. And just be. 


After waking up at 6am, feeling heavy limbed and exhausted, I rolled back over and allowed myself some extra time.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Didn't I just write the other day about the importance of consistent action? About how I always take the stairs instead of the elevator because I'm committed to the results I want to create?

Yes, yes I did.

But not today. Today I didn't get up immediately and start my day. Today I didn't take the consistent daily action I'm usually so committed to taking. Today, metaphorically speaking, I took the elevator instead of the stairs.

And then I woke again just before 9am feeling very much rejuvenated and full of energy for writing and doing what needs to be done today. With the aid of a cup of tea and a short dancing session to Mariah Carey around my living room, I'll be good to go in no time at all. 

And here's the point I want to make to you today:

Life is full of paradoxes. Life is full of different things being true at the SAME time. It's not that this is true or that is true and it's always one way or the other. 

And that's why it's important, nay, ESSENTIAL, that you train yourself to think for yourself and base your actions on what feels most true for you, today. Otherwise, things can get a bit messy. 

If I say one day that the only way to get where you want to go is to consistently take the stairs instead of the elevator day after day without fail, don't believe me. For goodness sake don't believe that what I'm saying is some sort of ultimate truth.

It's a truth. A truth that exists alongside other truths. Like the truth today of how a couple of hours extra sleep served me more than getting up and pushing through.

People regularly quote back my blog posts to me. And they tell me they're doing what I said. And then alarm bells start to go off in my head - ding ding ding - and I'm thinking NO, DON'T LISTEN TO ME. Because what I tell you today is true today, but it might not be true tomorrow. 

It's really very awkward running a business when a big part of your message is "please don't listen to me" but I really do think it's very important. Because what I want isn't really for you to listen to me and live your life how I live my life. I want you to think for yourself and take what's inspiring, test it out, use it if it works but always be questioning and finding out what's true for you.

Do you get it?

I have much I can share with you. So much. I can teach you exactly what works for me and how I've done everything I've done. But if you lap it up and implement it without ever questioning it for yourself, you're heading for a big ol' disaster of epic proportions.

Be a human, not a little sheepy.

Love and courage,