Awakening and the falling away of all you knew

Meaning falls from your life the way leaves fall from autumn’s trees.
Naked, you will find yourself
stripped now of the flimsy glue that held your life together.
You were a person on a train to Somewhere.
You had a mission, a purpose, a reason to wake with the light;
each day built on yesterday, taking you towards tomorrow.
You grasp with helpless hands at what was;
the sleepwalking world in which you understood your place and your part.
Like water through your fingers it slips
sinking into an eternal abyss.
You will not succeed in finding solid ground where solid ground there never was.

Stand and face winter now.
Be naked and celebrate.
Feel the loveliness of being a traveller without story.
What feels today like barren ground is tomorrow’s fertile earth from which deeper meaning grows.
Patience, love;
new beginnings form unseen in the soil’s belly
and emerge on Love’s own timeline.

When spring arrives there will be meaning without meaning,
purpose without purpose,
mission without mission.
All of life will pour from your eyes and your throat and your hands,
expressing itself in a looping waterfall of joy
and you will praise the winter where everything came undone
for it was in that undoing that the ecstatic vibrancy of life found the gaps to dance its way out;
out into the world that hungers for more of your light.

Love and courage,